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Kim, Jeff, Justin and Jenna Goodman and Gabe Mannino local Valpak advertising family photo.

 Valpak Story 

Valpak® Direct Marketing Systems was originally founded by Terry Loebel, an unemployed auto worker, in 1968.  During an economic slump, Terry began creating coupons in his garage and mailing them to neighboring households in Clearwater, Florida.  His goal was to give incentives for people to support their local businesses and inspire economy growth once again.

Valpak® is now a nation strong company and has worked hard to evolve and grow in business to customer communication.  We feel fortunate to share such a large team nationwide and all the stories and knowledge VP business coaches bring.

 Local Story 

Valpak of Northwest Washington first began with owner, Kim Goodman, and ambitions to further expand her reach of supporting local economic health.

Kim began her marketing ventures in Las Crucas, NM as a radio, city directory and Valpak® representative and valued supporting business growth in her community.  When she was offered to purchase a Valpak® franchise in Washington State, she and her husband, Jeff, jumped on the opportunity.


Jeff switched from his position as a Dean at a Technical College to partner with Kim as business coaches.

In 1995, Jeff and Kim moved their family of three kids up to Washington State to begin a new life.  And, loving it ever since!

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