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Community Food Co-op

Bellingham, WA

"When looking at Direct Mail marketing options Valpak turned out to be one of the best options out there.  Not only did we have great results that brought people into our stores, but we also had the benefit of a local contact that truly partnered with us to make the best campaigns possible.  I was honestly blown away at the redemption from our Valpak campaign as so often in marketing you do not get the benefit of seeing the results so quickly.

Thanks Gabe and the Valpak team for all your support in getting the Community Food Co-op and what we do out to our community."

Adrienne Renz - Outreach Manager

Alcoa Intalco Works

Ferndale, WA

“Valpak exceeded our expectations and served as an effective and efficient form of advertising. The monthly renewal process was easy and straightforward, and the representative for the company was professional and knowledgeable. Designing our Valpak advertisement was simple and the end result was ideal for our advertising needs. This was, overall, an outstanding performance from the Valpak company. We will surely use them for our future advertising needs.”

Jair Furnas - Human Resources Superintendent

American Distributing Co.

Marysville, WA

“American Distributing began advertising with Valpak about a year ago.  In that amount of time we have gained over 30 new accounts.  Valpak has been a valuable tool in our advertising campaign.  Their staff is knowledgeable and professional and always a pleasure to work with.  A.D. will continue using Valpak as one of our main advertising strategies. ”

Lisa Bryant - Office Manager

Hardware Sales Inc.

Bellingham, WA

"Valpak has helped us increase our average sale.  I think we went from $18 to $45 on our average transaction"

Ty McClellan - Owner

Urban Fitness

Mount Vernon, WA

"Business is better using Valpak because it gives us a way to utilize marketing differently with a direct mail piece."

Joy Shamburger & Cindy Sell

- Owners -

Bob's Burgers & Brew

Burlington, Tulalip & Everett WA

"The big advantage of using Valpak is you can reach so many homes so quickly."

Jon Rickert - Part Owner/GM

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