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NW Valpak Incentive Marketing Programs

Targeted Direct Mail - Online & Mobile App - ROI & Performance Tracking
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The Valpak Blue Envelope
aka "Value Pack"

Our flagship product and the one we remain the biggest fan of. Valpak Targeted Direct Mail Advertising is a monthly publication mailing 180,000 addresses in Whatcom, Skagit, Island and Snohomish Counties and nearly 37 million addresses mailed nationwide.


Eight in 10 (82%) households* receiving the Valpak Blue Envelope open and look through the coupon offers.

*2014 Valpak® Readership Study, Research Now®, October 2014

What's Included:


Cooperative Direct Mail Advertising:

Businesses receive the benefits from targeted direct mail while sharing in the cost of mailing, postage, insertion order, address lists, delivery... all these costs are shared with the other businesses in the pack (and with us) making direct mail advertising campaigns more affordable.


Comparable to SOLO Mail:

The message is featured on a "stand alone" design piece.  Customers can view your message with zero distractions from other "advertising noise". 

Why Direct Mail?

It is mailed straight to people's homes for message conveniency and audience accuracy.  With Direct Mail Advertising, you choose where it's mailed while eliminating as much wasted coverage as possible.

The Beauty of the Blue Envelope:

Customers open them FOR the advertisements.  Meaning, they are ready, willing and able to absorb businesses’ invites to use their products and services.


Why all the coupons?

Valpak Direct Mail Advertising is based on Incentive Marketing.  This strategy makes it easier for customers to follow through with trying something different from their normal habits and routine.  It helps them make the decision of “where we going to dinner” on Friday night.  Or, “my tooth hurts” and haven’t been to a dentist in a while but you’ve seen one recently in the Valpak you’ll try.


Why choose a “coupon” to make your decisions?

The Valpak design’s flexibility allows only a small portion for coupons, offers, specials, discounts…. the rest of the design space is pure business branding.  Customers can experience the feel of the business before responsing and taking action.  Design matters greatly and our design team works hard to ensure the best message and “feel” get’s communicated.

Why Valpak Advertising?

Being part of a Nationwide Team as well as our local partners, we are blessed with marketing/advertising/business knowledge from every industry featured in our economy.  If we don't have the answer in our small local team, one of our Valpak comrades in Seattle or New York will.  This allows us to give the best service, strategy and advice available in the marketing, advertising, business, customer service... almost every avenue it takes to get business dreams going and to keep them afloat.


We make the most for your ROI (Return On Investment)

Learn more below in Campaign Performance Tracking/Analytics.

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Direct Mail
Valpak Local Online Advertising
Promo Codes - Online Coupons - SEO Support

Our online & mobile advertising completes the strategy of be "Anywhere @ Anytime" for your customers.


Our mission is to be where the customers are, at any age or income level.  Online, mobile, in the mail, on social media... communication travels in many ways these days and we work hard to ensure our clients' messages are in the mix.

What's Included:


Business Profile Page:

aka "Competition Free" Online Directory Listing

Business Profile Pages (BPPs) are are content-rich Web pages on and the Valpak app that become a hub for all your online communication avenues: website, email, social media, photos, videos, map + directions... All displayed and optimized for desktop, mobile and app devices.



These BPPs described above create more doors online for you to be found.  To accompany the "hub" we create with all your online avenues, we create original content based on your area and customer base providing an *SEO boost to generate more online leads and referrals.  We share these listings with all of our online partners as well, which strengthens the credibilty and reach of your online message, making it more available locally as well as nationwide or in Canada.  Depending on your goal and content we optimize for.

*SEO: Search Engine Optimization.  The better your SEO, the easier search engines (google, bing, yahoo!...) can list you in consumer search results.

Comparable to other Online Directories: is similar to Yelp,, CitySearch, but displayed with the same advantages the Valpak Blue Envelope features: The message is independently viewed away from other "advertising noise" and competitors' messages.  The customer can freely absorb your message with as little distraction as possible, creating stronger response rates with results.  And it simply looks good as well as easy to share on social media with just one click.

The Levels of

This product is available for purchase  à la carte or with Valpak direct mail for a specail price.  All direct mail clients receive a base listing on included in their program.  However, if you want further SEO advantages, the additonal level of is available for an affordable price.  

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Online Advertising
Campaign Performance

Valpak Advertising brings the unique ability to capture return on investments and critical metrics on how consumers find your business:

Ways we track consumer behavior:

• Phone Calls

• Visits to your website w/ unique URL

• Analytics

• Online Coupon Redemptions

• Mobile Redemptions

• Direct Mail Redemptions

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NW Washington Valpak provides Local Advertising for:

Whatcom County:

Bellingham, Downtown Bellingham, Ferndale, Blaine, Lynden, Everson, Custer, Nooksack, Sumas, Acme, Birch Bay, Deming, Bakerview, Chuckanut, Alger and Sudden Valley... and everything in-between!

Skagit Valley County:

Mount Vernon, Burlington, Sedro Woolley, Conway, Bow, Edison, Alger, Big Lake, Clear Lake, Concrete, Lyman, Anacortes, La Conner, Bay View... and everything in-between!

Snohomish County:

Camano Island, Stanwood, Arlington, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Lakewood, Everett, Mukilteo, Snohomish, Monroe, Mill Creek, Canyon Park and Smokey Point... and everything in-between!

We advertise NATIONWIDE and in CANADA as well.

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