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Prices are based off

The Five Elements of Success

#1 The Right Market

Where do you consider your core market?

Where is your secondary market?

Who is your audience?

#3 The Right Product

How do your customers communicate and how do they find you? Your message needs to be convenient and easily absorbed.

#2 The Right Frequency

We need to change your potential customers’ buying habits over to your business.  Mailing at the right time/seasonality and effective amount will create the opportunity for response.

#4 The Right Offers

The offer will motivate people to respond and give them a reason to try something new.  The offer assists in measuring the response of your campaign.

#5 The Right Creative

“People eat with their eyes first.”

#1 Involve the audience:  A good ad arouses curiosity and lures in the audience with compelling words aimed at the reader’s strongest interest.

#2 Inform: Focus on your customer’s benefit.  Show and tell exactly what your customer will receive.

#3 Illustrate the benefit: The message needs to be clear and engage the viewer. Photographs, illustrations and fun font play amplify the message and catch the reader’s attention while an incentive drives response and action.

Each Valpak Program is custom to your business’s needs and objectives.

Direct Mail: Price ranges from 2.5¢-11¢ per address and is based on product, frequency and market reach.

Online Advertising: Price is based on what level of frequency you need and SEO content created.


Let’s meet for a free quote to see if we’re the right media to achieve your goals.

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